12 Days of Holiday Themed Drive-In Movies and in-car holiday activities. 

This holiday season in Austin, TX as part of our annual celebration at The Museum of Human Achievement in partnership with Terror Pigeon, come join us for 12 days of Drive-In Holiday Movies and Activities. Each of the 12 nights night we will do a holiday thing together and then watch a movie (or more).

Cars will tune into a radio station for movie audio and will be provided with a walkie talkie for optional socializing. Instructions and any supplies needed for what we have planned for that night will provided on check in. Walkie talkies will be used for all sorts of things, but ultimately, we’re going to hang out and have a nice time together.


Keeping everyone safe and healthy while trying to create small moments of joy and coming together has been our highest priority this year. Here are the rules we’ve made for ourselves and any attendee.

-No one leaves their car and everyone keeps their windows up. In the case of an emergency we will be there for you and can accommodate, but come prepared (use your own bathroom before you come!) to keep your windows up and not leave your vehicle.

-10 car capacity. We want to have intimate and manageable holiday moments together. Its likely things will sell out! No tickets sales will be available at the door.

-Everything from tickets to production to each holiday activity will be either running or falling apart by the efforts of only two people. You’ll meet us (from a distance inside your cars), it’ll be fun.

-We’ll provide everyone with walkie talkies and instructions as soon as you pull up. These supplies will be available via contactless pickup and we will sanitize all materials before and after use. Please bring a mask for when you’ll reach out your car window for these things.

-No one has to participate in anything, but it would be cooler if you did. We’re trying to circle the missing sensation of passing the aux cord.

-Together we will watch at least one full length holiday movie each night but will not explicitly be saying what that movie is in advance.

-2 people watched 34 holiday movies in 5 days to prepare for this journey. No regrets.

-We acknowledge that is a bummer to have an event that is so car-centric and apologies to all of our non-car friends. If we see wild success in our drive-ins, bubbles are our next step.

Have any questions? Email info at themuseumofhumanachievement.com


Use this guide as a key to decipher all the event titles below

Self haircut day w/?✂️? (dissed orchard swans) <—— example title

Self haircut day <—— our activity

?✂️?  <—— emoji movie hint

(dissed orchard swans) <—— anagram movie hint

Solution = Everyone gives themselves haircuts and watches Edward Scissorhands (*we’re not doing this but it seems fun!) 

SUNDAY 12/6 | 7PM | $15-20 | FAMILY FRIENDLY

Holiday Speed Dating w/ Its a ? ?
(A Wistful Lo, Redefined)

A beloved Christmas Classic updated with occasional overdubs by Terror Pigeon so the protagonist is less of a jerk to his wife! To pair with lust for life romance we’ve got speed dating returning to MoHA! This time it’s Carsonal!!! Pull up next to your future spouse, nemesis, or acquaintance, and get to know them via our freshly sanitized walkie talkies. No contact required, but maybe you’ll wish there was 😉 If you’re in a car with a few people be ready to form one sassy identity, and let the sparks/friendships fly!

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MON 12/7 | 7PM | $15-20 | PG-13ish for violence

The XMAS Thunderdome w/ ? ? vs ☎️??
(Ooh, Enamel! vs Sad Ladle Accusation)

We all know Kevin’s tale, but what about the Frenchman’s struggle? The violent older brother film to which our beloved family classic owes so much! Tonight they battle it out in our first ever XMAS Thunder Dome! Both movies are screened simultaneously with their respective audio available on different radio stations, every 5 minutes the audience takes a vote on which movie is better. The winning movie’s picture gets bigger and the loser’s smaller, until finally, only one film is left standing!

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TUE 12/8 | 7PM | $15-20 | FAMILY FRIENDLY

Tuesday Night Caraoke w/ a (? ? ? ?) ? ?✨
(Mathematical Frumpy Piss)

It’s a wonderful Tuesday with a large helping of Jim Henson Christmas Specials! It’s also our inaugural night of Christmas Caroake! Sing your favorite Christmas song from the safety of your own car! We’ll film you through your windshield and project your ground breaking performance on the big screen!

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Ghost Stories w/ ? ? & ?
(Sax Reporter & Sup Mark)

It’s important to remember that sometimes Christmas is evil, so here’s a night of movies about that, complete with sinister Santas, irksome elves, and even a krampus. To set the mood just right we’ll kick off the evening with a classic Are You Afraid of the Dark campfire spooky storytelling party. Circle your car around our campfire and use your sanitized walkie talkie to share your scary Christmas story that’s 10 minutes or less!

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THUR 12/10 | 7PM | $15-20 | FAMILY FRIENDLY

Giant Santa Photo w/ ? all the ⚖️
(Giant Whale Jelly)

The governor’s in town to bring you a tale of unhinged capitalism at full speed!! Tonight it’s all about presents, but how will you get any if you can’t make your traditional visit to the mall to meet Santa? Never fear! MoHA’s got you covered! Come drive your car right onto the lap of our massive Mall Santa Puppet! That’s right, give Santa your wishlist without ever leaving your car because your entire family in your entire car fits on this dude’s lap! He’s Big! Holy shit!!

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FRI 12/11 | 7PM | $15-20 | FAMILY FRIENDLY

Up All Night Holiday TV Party w/ ???️? 

T.G.I.F.!!! TV’s Great Infinitely Flowing!! How many firsts can a drive in movie series have? Let’s find out!! At MoHA’s first ever 12 hour Christmas TV Marathon! We’re cramming in as many special Christmas episodes from the 80’s, 90’s, current decade, 2000’s, 2010’s and maybe earlier than that too! At the end of every episode the audience gets to vote on the next one! It goes all night! Come and go as you please! Anyone still present at 7am will receive an official certificate.

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SUN 12/13 | 7PM | $15-20 | FAMILY FRIENDLY

Known Santa / Secret Gift Exchange w/ how the ? ⁉️ ? & ?⤴️??✨

(A Crocheters Night Ms Shit Howl & Brainwash Miracles Torch)  

Two beloved! Adored! Cherished! Worshiped! Christmas specials back to back! Bring your kids, bring your grand ma ma if she is in your Q bubble! Bring Michael Bublé if he’s in your Bublé Bubble! We’re doing a classic one tonight! A gift exchange! When you arrive leave your wrapped present on the ground like your car had a little baby and then we’ll put it on stage like it’s a baby competition! Other cars can ask you questions about your gift to try and figure out what in heck it is! Eventually it’s gift selection time! We’ll randomly draw cars to pick gifts one by one! Once you have a gift you can instruct Zac or I to unwrap it for you or leave it a mystery! Then we’ll put it in your trunk! There is no stealing presents I think white elephant is a bad game!

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MON 12/14 | 7PM | $15-20 | FAMILY FRIENDLY


The Switch Switch w/the ???? ? & ?????? ?
(With Crescent Ship)

Okay so we’re watching a movie and it’s sequel and I haven’t seen either but from what I can tell both movies are about a classic twin switch but one twin is rich and the other twin is a baker maybe? And then in the second movie it happens again I’m not sure!!! The idea though is that we’re gonna start watching the first one and when someone texts us switch we’ll switch to the 2nd one and when someone texts us switch we’ll switch back to the first one. So you’re gonna see a new movie made up of parts of each movie! Is this an improved way to watch movies? You tell me!

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TUE 12/15 | 7PM | $15-20 | FAMILY HOSTILE

The XMAS THUNDERDOME 2 (2THUNDER2DOME) w/ ❄️? vs the?-r AKA ❄️? VS ❄️?
(Prince Worse vs Prepare Sex Sloth)

Every day we arrive at MoHA and find a plethora of tributes have been left outside our door! People are begging for, nay, demanding another thunderdome!! And we must oblige! We’ve got two holiday favorites about blasting through snow on a big train!! One has too many Tom Hanks the other has Captain America! Both are kinda fucked in their own way!!! Both movies will be shown simultaneously side by side on the same screen! Every 10 minutes the audience uses their blinkers to vote which movie they like better! The size of each movie is adjusted according to the number of votes it receives! WHO WILL SURVIVE THUNDERDOME 2 TOO THUNDER TOO DOME!?!?!!!!!!

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WED 12/16 | 7PM | $15-20 | PG-13

Who can bring the most snacks w/the ? (?⛱️?❄️)
(Seasons Epitaph)  

Heck yeah it’s a brand new Christmas movie! Bring binoculars to the show and watch my reaction from your car! This movie is all about catching up with family and loved ones, so we’re hosting an in car catch up before the movie! Call your parent or guardian or sibling or barber or FaceTime your dog! If you want to call a mom but don’t have one or don’t have that kinda relationship with yours, we are assembling a crew of volunteer moms you can call! Test drive a new mom for 15 minutes! Oh also we’re having a snack competition! Bring snacks for you and you alone to eat in your car! We’ll give out awards for Best Snack, Biggest Snack, Weirdest Snack, Most Thoughtful Snack, Best Colored Snack, Most Ambitious Snack, Most Wack Snack, and Snack Most Likely to Attack. Winners of the Snack competition get to eat all of the snack that they brought, its a win win win snack situation.

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THUR 12/17 | 7PM | $15-20 | FAMILY HOSTILE (R)

Guess Who w/the (⌚+⌚+⌚+⌚+⌚….) ? ? ?
(Delighting Ghost Nooks)  

Hi! Neil here! I’ve been writing these event descriptions and I want to be very direct with you and tell you that tonight we’re screening one of the best action movies ever made starring one of my favorite actors whose name rhymes with Deena Gavis. It’s not Die Hard, that is another amazing Christmas action movie! This is lesser known, but truly wonderful counterpart. It’s got spies and secret identities so we’re gonna play that game where you have a persons name on your forehead (car) and you can’t see it but everyone else can and then you have conversations (from in the car with your walkie talkies) and you try to guess who you are based on what people ask you about! It’s gonna rule!

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FRI 12/18 | 7PM | $15-20 | FAMILY FRIENDLYish for sports violence

Car Drag + Caraoke w/the ?’s ??????✨ & ⛰️⛰️⛰️⛰️
(A Healthcare’s Semisweet Soy Pup & Corky IV)  

??? our final day together ?? the good news is we have a heckin’ blow out planned! Start off with one of the Best Christmas Specials of all time and top it off with a rip roaring Christmas sports movie that ended the Cold War! But it wouldn’t be our last show without yet another MoHA first! The evening starts with our first ever MoHA car drag race! Dress your car in drag as a plane, train, boat or other vehicle to compete! The best car in show will be cast in our xmas special next year!

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This project is supported in part by the Cultural Arts Division of the City of Austin Economic Development Department.